Power Quality Analysis and Correction

Provecta offers engineering consulting associated with power quality analysis and solutions for correction.

Power Quality has become of increasing concern over recent decades and particularly in recent years. Increasing emphasis on power system efficiency, sensitivity of modern microprocessor based equipment, the new prevalence of equipment causing power quality issues such as non-linear loads as well as processes being more interconnected and reliant on all individual components has meant increasing awareness of the importance of power quality among electricity generators, distributors and end users.

Provecta assists clients with measurement and reporting of power quality with both temporary and permanent monitoring systems. One or more of Provecta’s Portable Power Analysers are used for  temporary, short term snap shots, of power quality at a facility. Results are typically assessed against power quality standards, NSW service rules, distributor supply quality thresholds as well as any previously monitored benchmarks at the facility.

Ongoing power quality monitoring is also offered and can include easy-to-understand displays, reports and notifications right through to advanced features such as waveform capture, direction analysis, CBEMA displays etc. Provecta offers globally supported and market leading power quality metering, software and customer focussed engineering.  Solutions might include automatic analysis of the origin of power quality events based on multiple metering points, real-time SMS and email notifications, summaries of power quality impact on electricity bills (e.g. Dashboard 1 below) and on processes and equipment (e.g. Dashboard 2 below) .

Provecta partners with Schneider Electric, a leading global OEM, in designing and supplying power quality mitigation and improvement systems tailored to a plant or facility based on specific power quality issues and client requirements.