As a company, Provecta recognises the high value in undergraduate engineers receiving quality work experience prior to the completion of their formal studies. As a result, Provecta has employed numerous undergraduate interns from a range of different Universities including UNSW, the University of Sydney, UTS, the University of Wollongong, and the University of Central Queensland.

In addition, Provecta has been a sponsor of the UNSW Co-Op Scholarship programme since 2008. This programme provides high achieving HSC students with the opportunity to gain industry experience within multiple sponsoring organisations, incorporating this experience leadership and professional development, networking, mentoring, friends and fun!

Undergraduates working at Provecta are exposed to a range of different real life project experiences and are supervised by senior engineers at all times. They are provided with the opportunity to take on increasing levels of responsibility as their engineering skills improve. Our undergraduate employment scheme has resulted in a large number of previous undergraduate employees being offered permanent positions within Provecta following graduation.