Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings need to monitor operational efficiency to manage ongoing costs.  Monitoring Electricity, Water and Gas is a key part of managing these ongoing costs. In addition, many building owners and tenants want to monitor consumption in the context of standards such as NABERs or comparison with similar buildings within their business  or portfolio.

Provecta has expertise in all aspects of energy monitoring projects in the commercial buildings space. These include initial review of loads and usage patterns, design of energy and power monitoring systems to meet client requirements, system implementation and support. Provecta has completed numerous projects in the commercial building space including office buildings, aged care facilities, schools, retail precincts and university campuses.

Projects in the commercial buildings space typically include monitoring of electricity, water, gas and sometimes include monitoring of hot/warm water systems, ambient temperature etc.

Schneider’s PME platform is typically used to provide a full suite of easy to use energy analysis and reporting tools. Showing consumption aggregation across different building or site areas, different load types and comparing these with benchmarks and previous usage. Data is presented in dashboards, trends and reports which can be easily modified by the end user from the web user interface. Putting consumption visibility into the hands of facilities managers in the form of actionable information allows a facility’s operational efficiency to be maintained and improved over time.