Provecta’s engineered solutions in healthcare provide actionable information to improve the financial performance, business competitiveness, power availability and patient safety in healthcare facilities.

Provecta’s value propositions in the healthcare market segment focus on patient safety and financial performance:

  • Reinforce power availability,
  • Maximise asset performance,
  • Improve energy efficiency,
  • Manage power quality.

Power Availability

Power availability is increased by both preventing outages and reducing recovery time from them.

  • Automated alarming system and event notification
  • Single line diagram showing capacity, load, power paths, power quality event directions,
  • Diagnosis support with fault location

As hospitals require a higher power availability than that offered by the grid and hospital power distribution networks typically include UPSs and backup generators, Provecta’s solutions encompass monitoring and compliance testing of generating, storage and switching elements.

Maximize Asset Performance

Asset performance is maximized when electrical supply and distribution assets are properly maintained, monitored and tested. Some examples where Provecta can assist include:

  • Automated monthly backup generator compliance testing/reporting,
  • Analyse battery health of diesel Generator (start battery) or UPS each time the backup systems switch to emergency mode,
  • Health status monitoring of HV protection relays,
  • Low voltage circuit breaker aging to support maintenance schedules,
  • Load trending and alarming to maintain redundancy performance.

Improve energy efficiency and financial performance

  • Energy analysis reporting including ranking, time of use, weighted comparisons, CDD and HDD calculations, duration curves to manage peak demand.
  • Calculate and allocate costs to departments, buildings, shifts, lines, or equipment,
  • Reduce expenses, enable best practices and validate energy reduction initiatives.

Manage Power Quality

Power quality problems can originate in the power grid or locally within a facility. With increasing reliance on intelligent technology which demands power that is free of interruption or disturbance, hospitals benefit greatly from real-time power quality analysis and alarming, allowing the avoidance of critical conditions that can cause equipment failures and downtime.

Provecta’s capabilities in healthcare power monitoring systems include:

  • Validation that power quality of supply complies with national rules and distributor thresholds
  • Diagnosis and isolation of PQ problems to increase reliability. Systems for automatic detection and reporting on voltage disturbances.
  • Automated power quality reports and waveform capture and analysis.
  • Downtime root cause analysis due to power quality issues
  • Power Quality Standard compliance reporting:
    • IEC 61000-4-30 (power quality measurements)
    • EN50160 (quality of power delivered by the energy provider)
    • IEEE 519 (harmonic compliance)