Since inception, Provecta has been committed to the employment of Engineering Graduates and providing them with a defined path for career progression. Whilst we do not preclude the recruitment of more senior engineers when required, our growth model has allowed for the regular planned employment and development of high achieving graduate engineers. All of our graduate engineers are provided opportunities to undertake a variety of different projects with supervision from a range of experienced engineers. This approach has resulted in the majority our graduate engineers continuing their employment with Provecta for many years, with a number of them reaching the milestone of having worked with us for over 10 years.

Provecta has adopted the definition of engineering levels as described by Professionals Australia. These levels succinctly describe the stages of engineering development from graduate through to a Principal or Expert grade, and are used within Provecta to measure an individual engineer’s progression. Engineering progress is assessed for all employees on an annual basis through a formal review process and biannually on a less formal level. All employees are encouraged to provide feedback with regard to their preferred career specialities whilst working at Provecta.