Critical Power Distribution Management

In many facilities power continuity, reliability and quality is critical to operations, service availability, production, patient safety. In these facilities, downtime has serious consequences and required power availability is higher than that offered by grid supplies and other sources of supply such as emergency generators and UPSs are used to increase availability. Provecta are experts in the design and implementation of power distribution control and monitoring systems where power availability and quality are critical. Provecta’s capabilities are recognised by Schneider Electric and Provecta has been certified as “EcoXpert – Critical Power”.

As experts in critical power systems, Provecta offers solutions for complete power distribution network monitoring, including all electrical distribution assets such as HV protection relays, circuit breakers, power meters, backup generators, solar arrays/inverters, UPSs. With high-resolution and rich information being analysed in real-time on site, coming from all power distribution assets. In the event of a crisis, operations and facilities managers can make fast informed decisions with all the information in one easy to use interface at their fingertips.

Real time analysis and notifications reduce downtime. For example, notification of direction (upstream/downstream) and severity of power quality events allow quick root cause analysis. Particularly when implemented across an entire power distribution network, automatic direction detection analysis of power events can provide vital information to determine the origin and cause of the issue.

Schneider Electric’s Power SCADA Operation (PSO) is a monitoring and control software platform for electrical distribution networks. Built on high performance SCADA, PSO delivers complete control and monitoring capabilities designed to enhance power system reliability and operational efficiency. With advanced reports, trends and dashboards, PSO is flexible to a wide range of industries and applications.

Powerful features such as those listed below enable more effective root cause analysis, lower incident response times, and improved safety.

  • Fast, accurate and real-time analysis and alarming providing actionable information,
  • Dynamic user interface graphically highlights issues or actions and their impacts,
  • Real-time email and SMS notifications to those on shift or on call,
  • Customisable interface to fit your specific workflow and operations,
  • Visualised trends and time-stamped alarms,
  • Alarm “incident” view, aggregating alarms from multiple sources into a single power distribution “incident”,
  • Redundancy offers high system availability,
  • Modularity provides scalability that evolves with your site to protect your investment as it grows,
  • View waveforms recorded during power quality events,
  • Unique productivity tools speed deployment and lower costs,
  • Security by design and through Microsoft® Active Directory to match your company policies,
  • Wide ranging protocol interactivity ensures all components interact seamlessly.