IT/OT Integration and Security Services

In today’s environment, maintaining the security of plant IT and operational technology systems is critical to ensure the plant and business is protected against unintended operation – whether this be through inadvertent operation errors or external attacks. The increased integration of process control and information systems with corporate networks and use of standard network technologies has provided many benefits; however it has also exposed these systems to the external world, and increased the potential of targeted or random attacks. Provecta provides a range of services to assist in managing the risks associated with Plant IT/OT systems:

  • AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27001:2015 compliance programmes
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Process control equipment technical security audits and reviews
  • Procedural and operational control reviews
  • Security Implementation for process control systems
  • System hardening
  • Implementation of patch and virus management systems
  • Disaster recovery plan development and review

Why Provecta? While plant control and IT systems utilise many of the same technologies as corporate IT systems, they have many unique features and requirements. It is essential to use a service provider who is familiar with both the control system hardware and plant operations to ensure that plant systems are implemented. Provecta has highly skilled professional staff with hands on experience in all aspects of process control equipment, IT issues and Information Security issues. Provecta can provide the complete range of services to investigate, assess, and implement corrective action to improve the security of plants IT systems. Provecta can work in conjunction with corporate IT security service providers or risk management consultants to develop an overall plan for the entire organisation.

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