Provecta Energy Solutions


Provecta supplies a range of energy metering hardware and engineered software solutions. Refer to the links below for further details.

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Provecta offers an extensive range of energy metering hardware from entry-level meters suitable for basic sub-metering, through to high-level meters with advanced power quality measurement and capture suitable for utility connections and distribution applications.

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Provecta offers engineered software solutions providing capabilities across energy, gas and water monitoring, reporting, supervisory control, and interfacing to other devices and systems.

Provecta works with end users to tailor software solutions specifically to each customer’s individual needs and business requirements.

For more details regarding the energy solutions software offering from Provecta visit the click here to visit the Software products section of our website.


Portable Power Analyser

Provecta’s Portable Power Analysers (PPA) can be leased to give you an overview of power quality, energy and demand for your facility. By giving you insight into your facility or plant area’s energy use and power quality, problems can be identified, located and managed. The PPA communicates to Provecta’s system, allowing us to analyse real time and logged data and provide advanced reports tailored to the installation location.


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