Portable Power Analyser

Gain insight today into the performance of your electrical distribution network. 

Provecta’s Portable Power Analysers (PPA) can be leased for a number of purposes, including:

  • Diagnosing power quality problems
  • System Load Profiling
  • Energy Efficiency Studies
  • Benchmarking (e.g. prior to upgrade works)
  • Reviewing the potential for a permanently installed system

A PPA has a safe, cost effective installation with minimal disruption to services.

There is no need to install software as data is communicated in real time to Provecta’s server for reporting and analysis. Reports are provided at agreed intervals for review and discussion.

A PPA consists of a Schneider Electric PM8244 power quality meter, data logger and wireless router housed in a rugged portable case. Rogowski coils allow for simple installation by a licensed electrician without the need for current transformers (CTs).

In addition to logging a range of power quality and energy parameters, a PPA captures high resolution waveforms during power quality events and determines whether the origin of the disturbance is likely to be upstream or downstream.