Compliant to the most stringent power quality measurement standards, the ION8800 is ideal for power generation, transmission and distribution systems and provides the information required for network capacity planning, stability analysis and assessment of power quality compliance to supply agreements and regulatory requirements.


  • Highly flexible with a range of I/O combinations, network communications and measurement feature sets.
  • Class 0.2S
  • 1024 samples per cycle resolution
  • Web compatibility and data push via email
  • Waveform recording and detection and capture of transients, flicker, sags and swells
  • Individual Harmonics (63rd +)
  • Rack mounted
  • Advanced, multi-user/privilege security
  • Transformer/line loss calculation and compensation
  • Control capabilities
  • Power line time synchronisation
  • GPS time synchronisation
  • 1 ms time stamp resolution
  • Individual Harmonics (63rd +)
  • Programmable Front Panel displays
  • Programmable logic and mathematical functions.

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