ION7550 and 7650

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The ION7550 and ION7650 allow a wide range of advanced features which can be selected depending on the application. At its base lies a powerful, highly configurable meter capable of cutting edge power quality analysis. Suitable for quickly identifying power quality problems, energy contract negotiations and maximising the life of electrical equipment.


  • Class 0.2S
  • 256 – 1024 Samples per Cycle
  • Waveform capture (per-phase triggers for waveform recording)
  • Custom alarm and event notification via email (internal modem)
  • Detection and capture of transients, flicker, sags and swells
  • Advanced, multi-user/privilege security
  • Transformer/line loss calculation
  • Trending/Forecasting
  • Residual current calculation
  • Individual Harmonics (63rd on front panel or up to 511 via software)
  • Colour touchscreen option.
  • A range of options to allow different I/O combinations, comms ports and logging memory size.
  • Forcasting
  • Programmable logic and mathematical functions.
  • Modbus, Profibus, ION,DNP 3.0 communication
  • Fibre or Copper Ethernet Ports

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