Energy Monitoring Systems

With the ever-increasing cost of energy resources and emphasis on power quality, businesses are realising the potential for improved bottom-line performance through energy management.

An Energy Monitoring System (EMS) from Provecta Energy Solutions offers a powerful means of collecting and presenting real-time power and energy data.PME Monitor

As Schneider Electric’s NSW Energy Solutions Partner, EcoXpert Advisor and PlantStruxure Integrator Partner, Provecta can assist to identify where your business can:

  • conserve resources & save money,
  • reduce downtime & increase productivity,
  • make the most of existing investments, and
  • increase the life of your electrical assets.

Provecta’s EMS includes all aspects of power and energy data measurement, acquisition, logging, reporting, alarming and presentation on a user friendly web interface.

Data is collected from energy meters and a range of other devices and systems including water meters, gas meters, solar PV systems, HVAC and Building Management Systems.

A full range of metering equipment can be supplied configured and integrated into a single system, from basic energy meters for display and reporting of sub-distribution energy usage, through to advanced power quality meters for waveform capture, and analysis of transient events.

Provecta’s systems, built on Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software, provide a powerful platform which is readily scalable from one to thousands of measurement points.

Dashboards can be easily created and modified by the end user to compare different loads, time periods, electricity costs, power quality, etc.

Diagrams, tables, reports, alarms and notifications specific to your building or business are also available from the same user-friendly web interface.

You cannot manage what you do not measure

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For more information regarding Energy Monitoring Systems or to arrange a demonstration , please contact;

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